3 Easy Ways To Display Your Cloth Napkins

Easter is here and on our FB live we showed you a quick way to simply set your Easter table for your family and friends. And what is more fun than using cloth napkins?! It makes any meal feel a little more fancy :) First of all, don't overthink it. We aren't setting the table for the queen. Second, start with an ironed cloth napkin (get those big creases out, don't fret over the small ones)! 

  1. Open up the napkin, grab from the center on the "wrong" side (or the back side) of the fabric and create a bouquet. Stuff the pointed end into the cup and fluff it up.
  2. Same as above, but put the pointy end into a napkin ring and neatly flatten down for a casual look.
  3. Neatly fold and roll and insert into a napkin ring.

BAM! Three different ways to pretty up your table and create an amazing presentation.